Package peakml

Interface Summary
IPeak.MatchCompare<Type> This interface defines the setup for the comparison of peaks from two datasets, in order to determine whether they were caused by the same molecule.
IPeak.RelationCompare<Type> This interface defines the setup for comparing the relatedness of two peaks.
MassChromatogram.MassCalculator<Type extends Peak> In order to accommodate for a different calculation of the mass for a mass chromatogram, implement this interface.
Measurement Binding type for all classes that contain data from a measurement.
PeakData.PeakFactory<gPeak extends Peak> Interface describing a factory for the creation of instances of the generic gPeak type.

Class Summary
Annotatable Base-class for all classes that support annotations.
Annotation Implementation of a label-value pair.
BackgroundIon<gPeak extends Peak> Implementation of a background ion, useable for all types of mass spectrometry (e.g.
Centroid Implementation of a centroid or data-point in a mass spectrometry spectrum or profile.
Centroid.Factory Factory for creating a Centroid instance.
ChromatographyMS<gPeak extends Peak> This class combines the information from a setup combining a chromatograph (LC or GC) with a mass spectrometer.
IPeak The base-class for all peak-types defined in the PeakML file format.
IPeak.AnnotationAscending Comparator for sorting on a vector of peaks on an annotations.
IPeak.AnnotationDescending Comparator for sorting on a vector of peaks on an annotations.
IPeakSet<Type extends IPeak> Implementation of a class maintaining a set of peaks.
MassChromatogram<gPeak extends Peak> Implementation of a mass chromatogram, usable for LC-MS, GC-MS, or any 2 dimensional mass spectrometry method.
Peak Base-class for a single peak, which can either be a single data-point (Centroid), or a collection of data-points making up the peak (Profile).
PeakData<gPeak extends Peak> Implementation of a container for peak-data.
PeakDataIterator<gPeak extends Peak> An iterator for peak-data, allowing for sequential access to Peak data stored in a PeakData instance.
Spectrum<gPeak extends Peak> Type-binding for a spectrum (a single measurement on a mass spectrometer).
Version This object contains the version of the project.

Enum Summary
Annotation.ValueType This enum defines the different types of annotations that can occur.
Spectrum.DataFormat The format (centroid or profile) of the data
Spectrum.Type The type of data stored in the spectrum.