Interface IPeak.RelationCompare<Type>

Type Parameters:
Type - The type of peak to compare.
Enclosing class:

public static interface IPeak.RelationCompare<Type>

This interface defines the setup for comparing the relatedness of two peaks. The callback method correlation has been so named, because the more two peaks correlate with each other, the more related they are. The method IPeak#findRelatedPeaks(Vector, double, double, double, peakml.IPeak.RelationCompare) tries to find all the peaks that correlate well enough (i.e. are above a threshold) with a base peak.

Method Summary
 boolean related(Type peak1, Type peak2)
          This function is offered two peaks to compare.

Method Detail


boolean related(Type peak1,
                Type peak2)
This function is offered two peaks to compare. When -1 is returned the peaks are considered incomparable and will never be related. The higher the value the more related the two peaks are.

peak1 - The first peak.
peak2 - The second peak.
The correlation between the two peaks.