mzMatch/PeakML: metabolomics data analysis

mzMatch is a modular, open source and platform independent data processing pipeline for metabolomics LC/MS data written in the Java language. It was designed to provide small tools for the common processing tasks for LC/MS data. The mzMatch environment was based entirely on the PeakML file format and core library, which provides a common framework for all the tools.

With the introduction of the PeakML file format, the tools can share their data output with the other software. This means that we can integrate with other tools, for which we provide a first implementation integration mzMatch with XCMS.


The mzMatch environment tries to provide a jumping board for the further development of metabolomics data analysis. However it already features a number of essential tools (for more information see the mzmatch documentation):


Please cite the following publication if you use mzMatch or mzmatch.R to analyze your data:

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