Interface Filter

All Known Implementing Classes:
LoessFilter, SavitzkyGolayFilter

public interface Filter

Interface for classes implementing a filter on a signal (a combination between x-values and y-values). All classes implementing a filter should inherit from this interface as it can be used at various location like peakml.math.

Method Summary
 double[] filter(double[] xvals, double[] yvals)
          With this method actual filtering is performed.

Method Detail


double[] filter(double[] xvals,
                double[] yvals)
                throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
With this method actual filtering is performed. The xvals and yvals arrays should be of equal length, otherwise an IllegalArgumentException is thrown. The return value is the new yvals array, with smoothed out values. The returned array is of the same size as the x and y value arrays.

xvals - The x-values of the signal.
yvals - The y-values of the signal.
The resulting smoothed version of the y-values.