Class MzXmlParser

  extended by

public abstract class MzXmlParser
extends java.lang.Object

Implementation of a parser for the mzXML file format, with additional, hidden support for the mzData file format. As both formats are very comparable a single parse function is provided, which results in an instance of type ChromatographyMS in the ParseResult

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static ParseResult parseCMS( input)
          Parse function for loading the data stored in a mzXML or mzData file.
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Constructor Detail


public MzXmlParser()
Method Detail


public static ParseResult parseCMS( input)
Parse function for loading the data stored in a mzXML or mzData file. Only 2-dimensional data is supported and the resulting Measurement is of type ChromatographyMS.

input - The input stream to read from.
minintensity - Minimal intensity for a data-point to be taken into account (when set to 0 all are parsed).
The resulting data (ChromatographyMS) and header.
Throws: - Thrown when I/O related problems occur
domsax.XmlParserException - Thrown when an interpretation error of the data occurs.